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An old-fashioned girl in a modern world, Stacey has often been told that she belongs in her favorite era, the 1940's and '50's. Watching classic films growing up is what first inspired her to become an actress.


She started her career on the stage, first in high school plays and then graduating from college with a B.A. in Theatre. Since then she has transitioned from stage to screen, and has played leading and supporting roles in 50 films, winning several Best Actress awards along the way.

Stacey has also launched into the world of voiceover with several audio dramas. In July 2020, she won the Best Supporting Actress Award from the ATC Seneca Awards for her role as Lucy Ripley in her first audio drama, "Quicksand"!

In addition to acting, Stacey loves taking behind-the-scenes photos on film sets. You can view samples of her work on her photography page.

In April 2020, Stacey wrote and produced (and acted in) "Pilgrim", the first short film of her own, which won several awards at the Quarantine Film Festival! She is currently writing and producing a western film called "Sunset Trail", which she hopes to start filming in 2022. 

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