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Updated: May 7, 2019

There is something addicting about 48 hour film festivals. Maybe because I've only had good experiences so far. But when I heard that the 48 hour people were sponsoring a 77 hour film festival, I knew I wanted in! Besides the longer time limit (which was awesome), the big difference was that it was online based, so there was global, not just local, competition.

I forwarded the info to my friends at 03films, Woody Watts and Sean Archulet (the three of us had worked together last summer on "Emergent Force"), and they jumped on board! I was itching to work with them again, so I was super happy we were putting a team together!

One of the scary and exciting things about these projects is that you have to start from scratch when the competition begins. We ended up with the "horror" genre. I normally wouldn't be excited about that, but I knew I was with a team I could trust not to do anything crazy. I love what we created. This was also the first time I was part of the story development process. We sat around that first night and spent hours brainstorming and creating a story together. It felt so great to contribute ideas that were incorporated into the film.

I was so excited about the character we had created for me to play, and I was also very nervous. This was a super intense story that was going to push my beyond anything I had done before. These are the roles that I relish as an actor, but it's scary, too. I'm so grateful for this fantastic team of people that made me feel safe to explore this character and step outside my comfort zone. They also took good care of me. We were filming in an unheated room while it was below freezing outside...and I was wearing a tank top for the scene (part of the time, my hair was wet as well). Everybody took turns bringing me my coat, and Jeremy ran home to bring back a little space heater (that literally enabled me to get through the long, cold night).

Here were our requirements: Genre: Horror Character: Samuel Cobb, statistician

Prop: Bucket

Line of dialogue: "That's the only option." (The video below is slightly edited from the submitted version and doesn't have that line of dialogue, just FYI in case you're listening for it.)

The story actually changed a little bit during the editing, and I love the direction they took it! Here's the plot: "After being the victim of a sexual assault, Kathryn Jones is forced to confront the fears inside of her own mind."

Without further ado, here's the finished video! (Watch more of my short films for free on the Watch Films page!)

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