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Christian Worldview Film Festival 2018

This time last week, I was driving home from one of my favorite events of the year. I've been attending the CWVFF since it began 5 years ago, and it has become like a huge family reunion. It's a busy week as I catch up with old friends, network with new friends, attend workshops, and (sometimes) attend film screenings. (Full disclosure: I didn't watch a single film this year. I was too busy talking the whole weekend.)

We had a new location this year, moving the event from Texas to Tennessee, and that brought in a lot of new speakers and attendees. I particularly enjoyed connecting face-to-face with LA casting director Beverly Holloway and soaking up the information in her sessions! I learned a lot from actor Bruce Marchiano as well (fun fact: he holds the record for playing "Jesus" the most times on the screen). An unexpected surprise was getting to meet Ben Smallbone, director of "Priceless" (and brother to Joel and Luke of the band "for King and Country").

My favorite thing about this festival is that I come away not only having learned and been inspired and encouraged in my craft, but also in my faith. God is the true center of focus, and the word "revival" is often used by people trying to put this experience into words. It is truly a special event, and I'm grateful to the entire staff and all the volunteers who worked long, hard hours so the rest of us could be so blessed the entire week.

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