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Updated: May 7, 2019

The moment has come! I can finally tell you about the major feature film I acted in this past Spring in Oklahoma!! Words can't express what a joy and privilege it was to help bring this story to life. From the producers of God's Not Dead and I Can Only Imagine, "Unplanned" tells the true story of Abby Johnson (pictured below), who was a clinic director at Planned Parenthood before she switched sides to become a pro-life activist with the Coalition for Life.

Abby Johnson

The producers reached out to me early this year and invited me to audition. I'll be honest...when I got the email saying the producers of God's Not Dead wanted me to audition for their film, I thought it was a prank. *facepalm* When it sunk in that it was for real, I was floating on cloud nine!! God is the best agent, guys!! I'm still amazed at how He opened this door!

My heart overflows as I sit here thinking about my time on this film set. Every member of the cast and crew were so wonderful to work with and did their jobs with pristine professionalism. And I'm so grateful for the prayer team that came to set every day to bathe the film in prayer. What a difference it made! We could all feel such a strong presence of the Holy Spirit. God's hand was on this project from start to finish, and I can't wait to see what he's going to do with it! I cried more than once as I read Abby's book, "Unplanned", and I'm so grateful I got to be a part of bringing this story to life on the screen.

The film will be releasing in theaters next spring! Meanwhile you can read (and please share!) news about it from The Stream (great article!), the film's website, and their Facebook page.

I play the role of Karen, a Coalition for Life volunteer. Below is the first scene I filmed from the movie. These are the three main characters - Marilisa Carney (Emma Roberts), Shawn Carney (Jared Lotz), and Abby Johnson (Ashley Bratcher).

I love what the real Karen said when sharing about the film (and referring to the moment shown below): "I'm so excited that the world will get to witness what we saw the day Abby crossed enemy lines and became one of our dearest friends (and now my #bosslady -- only God, right?!). The undeniable power of God's love, forgiveness, and mercy filled that room and changed our lives forever."


Pictured below with writer/director/producer Chuck Konzelman, director of photography Drew Maw, 1st assistant director Jason Stafford, and writer/director/producer Cary Solomon.


Side-by-side comparison of me and the real life Karen! I hope to meet her at the premiere!


Enjoy the slideshow below for more behind-the-scenes pictures from set with our cast and crew:

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