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"Mount Hideaway" Premiere & Release

Updated: May 7, 2019

Last weekend, I took a little road trip to attend the Cast & Crew Premiere for Mount Hideaway! It was sooooo fun! I got to catch up with friends and meet people who were part of the film but in different scenes so our paths had never crossed. Lots of people came and everyone loved the movie! It was really special to sit there and experience everyone's reactions as they saw it for the first time. There were a few gasps, and lots of laughter at all the funny parts.

(Links to watch it are at the end of this post!)

I was so impressed with how well the film came together. It's amazing what a few good people with the right tools and know-how can accomplish with limited resources and a lot of hard work and persistence! We made a FEATURE FILM, y'all!!! Brett Monk and Mikayla Leybovich were a powerhouse team to make it happen.

It's always a little scary to watch yourself on screen, and this was my first time playing a more dramatic/expressive character and trying to be a little comedic at times, so I was honestly relieved to be happy with my scenes. (Whew!) Plus all the cute animals I got to play with totally stole the show! Being a veterinarian in the movie was the best job!! This role was actually written for me, which is super special. I was also a part-time crime scene investigator. (So cool, right?! I got to hang out with animals and dead bodies. Haha!)

I love that Mount Hideaway has so many strong female roles, because that is sadly missing in most other films! (And all my actress friends said AMEN!) Not only that, but it presents homeschoolers in a positive light! I was homeschooled and I’m so grateful for the opportunities it presented me to learn outside the box and pursue creative interests and entrepreneurial opportunities!

Also, another biggie for me is that it’s family friendly. It’s a murder mystery in a sweet Halmark style. Complex plot, but clean content. We desperately need more mystery films that the whole family can enjoy!

Here's a fun screenshot from a flashback scene that we filmed at an old historic inn (I loved rockin' the big nerdy glasses!):

The film is now available to stream on Amazon or you can buy a DVD! If you like it, please be sure to leave a positive review on Amazon to boost our rankings! We really want to raise support to be able to make a SEQUEL (yes please, I want to play with more cute animals!!!), and I think you'll want a sequel too after you see the surprise twist at the end. *wink* To join the fun on social media, follow Mount Hideaway on Facebook and Instagram! I've also been posting a lot on my Facebook and Instagram accounts as well.

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