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2018 in Review

Updated: May 7, 2019

2018 was a great year! Sure, there were the usual ups and downs - it's never perfect and rarely easy. But mixed in with the difficulties, challenges, and sorrows were countless blessings. This page celebrates the "highlights" of my career, but behind the scenes, there are plenty of rejections, fears, times of discouragement and self-doubt, and lots of hard work.

I love what I do, but this life isn't glamorous. At least not for the majority of actors. It's full of blood, sweat, and tears. But there are also great rewards (not usually financially, haha) -- opportunities to travel, bringing a new character and a new story to life, making lots of friends, and hearing testimonies about how your work is making a difference in people's lives. And for that...I am so grateful. 😊

2018 consisted of 7 films, a film festival, a film premiere, 2 Best Actress nominations, and...*drum roll*...I signed on with my first agent!!!


-- Mount Hideaway

-- Christian Worldview Film Festival


-- Unplanned


-- Unplanned

-- B.E.K.A.H. (48 hour project)


-- Mount Hideaway


-- Mount Hideaway


-- A Dress for Lydia


-- A Lonely Life

-- Watts Creative Studios Promo Video

-- Vindication, Ep. 10


-- Mount Hideaway Premiere AWARDS: I was honored to be a nominee and finalist for Best Actress (Short Film) for "The Chance of a Lifetime" at Great Lakes Christian Film Festival, and to be nominated Best Actress (Short Film) for "American Dream" at the International Christian Film Festival!

AGENT: I signed a contract with Treasure Coast Talent Agency! This is a huge step for me and I am so excited!! (Read previous post for more details.)

I want to give a huge THANK YOU to all the directors, casting directors, producers, fellow actors, and crew members who were a part of my journey this past year. I am ever so grateful for the opportunities I had and all the new friendships that were formed!

Here are the films/events of the year in the order they happened:

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