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2019 in Review

As I look back over 2019, I am overwhelmed at all the wonderful opportunities God provided! A lot of firsts...a lot of travel...a lot of jobs...a lot of new friends...a lot of blessings. For either films, festivals, or premieres, I traveled to NY, MD (twice), TN, CA, MN, ND, FL, CO, and OH.

2019 consisted of 10 films (9 acting, 1 crew), 2 film festivals, 1 audio drama, 1 commercial, 1 corporate voice over, 1 film premiere, and 1 Best Actress Award!


-- Radio 1.0


-- Quicksand (Audio Drama - Lamplighter Theatre)


-- 5 Minutes

-- Christian Worldview Film Festival

-- Unplanned Premiere


-- Agency Pocket Voice Over

-- Wheelchair


-- International Christian Film Festival

-- Keller & George Commercial


-- Sleeper Agent


-- What's Left of Barry


-- 1940s/50s Concept Piece

-- A Mystery Party

-- Song of the Tree Frogs


-- The Gifted Hands


-- Tales of the Wild West, Ep. 12

AWARDS: I was honored to win Best Actress (Short Film) for "The Chance of a Lifetime" at the International Christian Film Festival!

I want to give a huge THANK YOU to all the directors, casting directors, producers, fellow actors, and crew members who were a part of my journey this past year. I am ever so grateful for the opportunities I had and all the new friendships that were formed!

Here are most of the films/events of the year in the order they happened:

I can't wait to see what new adventures await in 2020!

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