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"Quicksand" - Lamplighter Theatre 2019

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

The end of February brought a brand new experience -- my first voice acting job!! I auditioned for "Quicksand: Sinking to the Bottom", but immediately started to doubt that I would get cast, especially after I heard they received 1800 auditions. Wow. Plenty of people do this for a living and I had zero experience. A few days later, I was SHOCKED to be offered not one, but TWO ROLES in the drama! Also...that meant I was leaving for NY in 10 days!!!

The trip getting up there was crazy, with all flights into Rochester and Buffalo being cancelled due to wind gusts up to 75mph. Only one actor got there before that hit. The rest of us were getting stranded at different airports. My friend Garry Nation ended up flying into LaGuardia a few hours after I did, and he drove us the remaining 5 hours up there in a rental car (through snow, sleet, high winds, and the gloom of night!). Amazingly enough, everybody made it one way or another!

First thing the next morning, we got to work! My hardest scenes were up first, but wow, I had so much fun and it was a lot easier than I expected once we were all in the studio together and I could feed off the other actors' energy and take cues from their performances. After that, I had a lot break and got to sit and visit with some of the other actors. I knew a few already, but was excited to make new friends as well!

Our writer/director was Kathy Buchanan, who has done tons of episodes for Adventures in Odyssey! She was amazing and so wonderful to work with! And it was so great to meet Mark Hamby, the founder of Lamplighter Ministries. My family has supported Lamplighter for years, so it was a really special experience to be a part of one of their audio dramas!

Here is a behind the scenes glimpse into our first day of recording (you'll see some clips of me in the studio!):

Also, here is a quick video taken from an interview I did:

The incredibly talented cast and crew I had the privilege to work with:

Did I mention the sound booth is inside an old pipe organ?? So cool! And so unique! Here are some more photos inside the church:

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