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Quarantine Film Festival

Updated: May 8, 2020

5/8 UPDATE: VOTING IS OPEN! Details at the bottom!

Wow, I have so many updates to share! The past 6 weeks of quarantine have been non-stop busy for me! I'm grateful for all the creative projects I've been able to be a part of during this time! Right now I want to share about the two short films I made for The Quarantine Film Festival!

First, we made "Pilgrim"! This was a huge deal for me because after working on over 50 films for other people, this was the first time I ever made my own film! This was the first time I saw one of MY scripts come to life! It was a lot of work but it was so worth it!

My friends Woody Watts and Jeremy Sumpman came over and we filmed a 10 minute movie in less than 3 hours in the woods behind my house (while maintaining social distance *almost* the whole time)! Normally this would be a full day shoot, but we only had 3 hours and we pulled it off! I loved working with these guys again (we made Endpoint and a short promo film together in the past). Woody did an amazing job with our poster and all the post-production work on the film.

The second film took things to a new level as I made my first short film by myself from start to finish! I used a creative concept that allowed me to integrate footage from several films I have already done, including my very first role and my most recent role, which was really fun! Plus I included my little beagle, Freckles, so hopefully her cuteness makes up for the imperfections of the film (I was seriously trying to do a crash course via YouTube videos to teach myself how to color correct a video and how to improve the audio...all within 2 days as I rushed to meet the deadline).

If you enjoyed the films, I'd love for you to go vote for them on The Quarantine Film Fest app, which you can access for free! Here's how:

1. Download the film festival app here: https://qff.kawokio.com/

2. Click "watch the films" and then click "all films."

3. In the search bar (where the magnifying glass is), type "Pilgrim".

4. Hit the vote button and choose as many as you feel like applies! Also, hit 'LIKE' to vote for audience choice award! (You have to like it from the app and not on the youtube link!)

I'd be happy for "Pilgrim" to get all the votes if you feel like it deserves them! ;-)

There are lots of other fun little short films on there as well! I was also involved in these other submissions: "Fragment" Ep. 2 (voiceover as 911 operator), "Do You Know Him?", and "Together, Yet Apart".

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