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"Unplanned" Hollywood Premiere!

To say this was like a dream is an understatement. On March 18, 2019, I not only went to LA for the first time, but I also attended a huge red carpet premiere for Unplanned at the TLC Chinese Theaters in Hollywood!!! It was amazing! And overwhelming. And unforgettable. And over way too fast.

Writers/Directors Chuck Konzleman and Cary Solomon

My heart is so full of gratitude that I not only got to be a part of the one of most important films ever made, but that I also had the opportunity and the means to fly to LA and attend the premiere. It was great to catch up with my film family, and also to meet a few people that I've connected with or known of through social media!

Karen and Heather - the ladies I portray in the film (combined into one role)!

Fun fact: I've had my dress for over 15 years. My grandmother picked it up at a thrift store somewhere and I played dress-up in it as a teen. I've only worn it once - to a film festival awards ceremony my college hosted - but my dream has been to wear it to a big red carpet event for a movie premiere one day. And now I have!!!

Kaiser Johnson plays lawyer Jeff Paradowski. We first worked together as costars in webs series Romans XIII in 2014.

Below: Ashley Bratcher (Abby Johnson). The REAL Doug and Abby Johnson. Emma Elle Roberts and Jared Lotz (Marilisa & Shawn Carney). Robia Scott (Cheryl, Abby's boss). Sarah Hernandez (Elena, Abby's coworker). Kerry Fager (an actor friend who lives in LA and was gracious enough to be my tour guide and premiere guest).

After the screening, we transitioned to the Lucky Strike night club for the after party.

What a joy to finally meet actress/author/speaker Shari Rigby in person!

Here are a few more pictures from the night:

To see behind-the-scenes photos of me on the set of Unplanned, visit my Production Stills page!

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