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Western Tales with Stacey

Howdy, friends! I have a very exciting new project to announce! During this time of quarantine, I have created a series of story time videos for all the kids stuck at home! I dressed up in my cowgirl clothes and read a 1950's Roy Rogers adventure book! I'm uploading a new chapter each weekday, and on the weekends, I'm posting links on the Facebook page to Roy Rogers movies and songs. I have ideas for more fun content down the road as well!

You can find the videos on the "Western Tales with Stacey" Facebook page and YouTube playlist. Please help me spread the word by sharing this with all your friends who have kids! My hope is to share my love for my hero, Roy Rogers, with the younger generation, and to get them interested in the old classic westerns I grew up watching. I also want to grow my young audience for the Roy Rogers inspired western film that I'm writing and hope to make in the next year or so! Stay tuned for updates about that!

Meanwhile, here are some encouraging reviews I've received for the Western Tales videos so far:

"I love what my friend Stacey Bradshaw is doing with this. We live in a society now where darkness, cynicism, depression, and angst is becoming preferred and normalized as "real." Maybe we should go back to the virtues and values that the legendary Roy Rogers personified both in-person and in his films. Seem sappy or wide-eyed idealistic? Well, we could use more of that as opposed to what we've adopted. And we need to pass these virtues on to our children. Bravo, Stacey!" ~ Kevin Kraft "Thank You Stacey for reading this wonderful Roy Rogers book to all of us Buckaroo’s!! Especially during these trying times!! We hope to see more in the future." ~ Sue Davis

"Stacey, my kids watched chapter one during quiet time while I laid down with the baby! It was perfect, I felt like I was leaving them with an auntie reading to them or something. They loved it! Thank you so much!" ~ Clara Litteral

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