• Stacey Bradshaw

WINNER - Best Supporting Actress for "Quicksand"!

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

I am so INCREDIBLY honored and thrilled to have won Best Supporting Actress for my role as Lucy Ripley in Lamplighter Theatre's "Quicksand"!!! I'm so grateful to Mark Hamby and Kathy Buchanan for giving me the opportunity to act in "Quicksand" (my first audio drama!), to all my amazing cast mates for making my job so easy, and to Audio Theatre Central for the honor of this award!!

My first day of recording found me a bundle of nerves. Especially since we were starting with my hardest, most emotional scene. I was scared. I was timid. I was fighting feelings of inadequacy. But once we started recording, I simply had to follow the cues of my fellow actors and commit fully to the character I was playing, and I was able to relax and enjoy this wonderful new experience.

I learned so much and had a fantastic time!! (I also played a second character - Miss Marion!) I never dreamed I would be nominated, much less win an award! What an encouragement!! God is so good!!! I hope there will be many more audio dramas in my future!

You can buy the CD or MP3 for "Quicksand" here: www.lamplighter.net/quicksand

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